Monday, 13 May 2013

Free 3d scifi robot character for your game

This is a sci fi robot model that i made for you guys. This character model is actually been fully textured however you may want to clear up and correct parts on the texture map.

You can download the model here:

If you use it please credit me by linking back to this webpage to let other know where you got the model from... thank you

The robot character has cannons for arms and will make a very good enemy in any sci fi game. i may make this model fully game ready one day by adding animation and a rig to it . but for now if you use unity i guess you could just attach it to a already made game rig and ai!

Anyway good look. And remember to comment below and tell me if you get this character in game or not and send pictures


Here is the 6k poly mesh render from in maya

Im not that good at making normal maps. exporting them that is :S

In the rar archive you will find the normal map i created and a series of obj . from the lowpoly model (3k polys) and the one the next level up .6k.......

Comment below for any help or comments :D

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